Planning to start a travel blog


Are you a travel freak? Do pictures of snow clad mountains or the rolling beaches excite you? Do you dream of having exotic food in faraway lands or roam around quaint ancient markets of the world? Only if the answers are yes will you be able to do full justice to a travel blog if you intend to start one. The reason for this is actually quite simple. A travel blog is an exclusive affair quite unlike one that focuses on say information on gadgets or online casino games. Those in this sector have to feel the inward joy and exhilaration of roaming the world even if they are tied down to their laptops. It’s all a matter of enjoying through the mind’s eye, something that only a person bitten by the travel bug can fully explain.

The first and most important decision that you have to take at the planning stage is the scale of the travel blog. Travel and tourism has no limits. You will probably have to start out on your own before you can rope in a decent number of guest writers. Hence, focus on making the blog locally popular first. Bring in national locations of interest before you opt to fly abroad.

However, there is a small glitch to this approach. You just cannot tread the beaten path as travel fanatics like you will, in all probability have been around the country. So you have to look for those little “extras” at the planning and starting stage itself. For example, most people might have been to a particular beach and enjoyed the water scooter rides. But have they been to the small shack behind a huge rock that dishes out delectable sea-food cuisine? These are the little tips and insights that can make your blog immensely popular. For this, you personally have to be constantly on the move; such details will be beyond the limits of the armchair travel blog creator.

Once you have settled down and got the national scene in your grip, it’s time to go international. But for that, you’ll naturally have to invite bloggers from abroad, setting them guidelines on sticking to the main theme of your blog. You have to market your travel blog so that potential contributors can quickly find your blog on the top of results pages of major search engines and send in their writings. The first step for this is to have a highly optimised website for your travel blog. Next contact a reputed web design company in Melbourne to do so for you. Not only will such agencies design and develop a site for you, they will also ensure that it has a strong and highly visible online presence. You will surely receive heavy traffic, queries and blogs from all over the world.

Any good blog page will have researchers giving inputs on the subject. This is especially true for a travel blogs considering the vastness of the subject. But do not form a team initially; the expenses can be pretty daunting if you have started on a shoe string budget with your laptop being the only investment. Build up infrastructure gradually when the revenue starts flowing in steadily.

A travel blog if planned out properly can catch on pretty quickly. People will always have the urge to know about places they have always wanted to visit but could never do so because of specific constraints. Fill that gap and you’ll have a win-win situation on your hands.